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There is something very therapeutic about kicking back in a hammock while reading a book or simply staring up into the open sky and soaking in the sun. Not everyone can afford the luxury of a beautiful backyard with perfectly spaced trees though, and this is where stand alone hammocks come in handy.

See, a stand alone hammock or free standing hammock is perfect if you don’t have a garden with the perfect trees, or if you would like to put your hammock on the deck. As long as you have the right amount of space, you can easily set your hammock up anywhere, and in just a matter of minutes.

Better yet, these hammocks can help even the set up indoors so you can enjoy the swinging relaxation even when the weather outside is not very favorable. This review will give valuable insight on all you need to know concerning stand alone hammocks, as well as a few suggestions on the best self standing hammocks currently in the market 2018. Let’s get started !

Top 5 Stand Alone Hammocks 2018 List

  Brand Load Capacity Dimension Weight  
 Best Pick 
450 lbs 108 x 42 x 41 inch 35 lbs Check Price
 Reasonable Price 
450 lbs 7.6 x 46 x 11.4 inch 29.8 lbs Check Price
Sunnydaze 275 lbs 144 x 52 x 45 inch 36 lbs Check Price
Caribbean 600 lbs 156 x 55 x 2 inch 17 lbs Check Price
Best Choice Products 265 lbs 51.8 x 9.5 x 30.8 inch 86 lbs Check Price

#1 Vivere Double Hammock – Best-Selling Stand Alone Hammock

If you are willing to splurge on the best free standing hammock currently in the market, then this double hammock from Vivere© is just what you should be investing in. To begin with, this incredibly versatile lounge bed gives you the option of choosing from 3-bed fabrics: Sunbrella, cotton or polyester. While the cotton, Brazilian style option has a tight weave and is pleasantly soft and cozy, this material requires careful maintenance and protection from extreme weather conditions (moisture or too much sun). Polyester, on the other hand, might not be as soft as cotton to the touch, but it is led susceptible to rot and to stretch.

Lastly, Sunbrella is the perfect choice if you plan on leaving the hammock outside. This fabric repels water and chemicals such as chlorine, and it also resists stains, fading, mold, mildew, and rot. All bed design options have a capacity of 450 pounds and are designed to hold up to two adults.

The 35-pound steel hammock stand made from heavy gauge steel is very sturdy and rust resistant, and it can be assembled very easily with limited manpower and without requiring you to use any tools. Additionally, it measures just 9 feet unlike the normal 12 feet of most stands. This way, this stand is more space efficient, and it can be erected anywhere both indoors and outdoors. Should you want to take the hammock to the beach with you, simply dismantle it in a couple of minutes and pack it into the provided carry bag, so you never have to rely on finding perfectly spaced trees wherever you go.

Ideally, if you need a high-quality hammock that can accommodate two adults and is conveniently portable, versatile and durable, then look no further than the Vivere Double Hammock. Just keep in mind that the cost will depend on the hammock bed fabric you choose.



The hammock stand is very easy to assemble and dismantle

✓ A carrying case is included for easy portability

This hammock comes in a space-saving stand design

✓ Various vibrant colors and fabrics to choose from

✓ The steel stand is very stable on any floor surface

Moving the hammock around will require two people
  • Performance 93%
  • Design 91%
  • Price 93%

#2 Sorbus Double Hammock – Best Budget Free Standing Hammock

If the Vivere Double Hammock cost way beyond your budget, then the Sorbus© Double Hammock might be a better option for you. Being a much more budget-friendly alternative, this hammock still boasts several high-end features and overall quality construction for a sturdy and durable feel.

To begin with, the heavy-duty steel stand is extremely fast and easy to set up, so you can get right to relax in just a few minutes. Conveniently space saving, this hammock stand comes at 9 feet and not the traditional 12 feet commonly sued in most hammocks. This way, this hammock can fit into tighter spaces in your home, and you can be assured that it won’t take up too much room in your backyard. The steel tubing features plastic caps at the ends, and this results in a smooth finish that will not scratch your floors.

The colorful cotton and polyester fabric are very soft against the bare skin, and this creates a comfortable refuge whenever you need a relaxing afternoon snuggle. Additionally, this durable fabric holds up well against rips, and it also does not stretch even when subjected to extreme pressure. Just to be safe though, keep in mind that this double hammock is designed to have a capacity of 450 pounds. Proving to be the ultimate luxurious lounging bed, this hammock comes with 5 adjustable height options so you can always set it at the optimal height for the intended user of the hammock. If you have a family, therefore, this hammock will be your best buy because it can cater to users of various ages.

Another convenient aspect is the fact that a carrying case has been provided, so carrying this hammock around can be done conveniently. Still, on portability, this entire setup weighs just 29 pounds so you can move it from place to place with ease.



It is very affordable

The stand is very sturdy and weather resistant

✓ A carrying case has been included

 It has 5 adjustable height options

It can comfortably accommodate two adults

The cotton fabric might require frequent washing during summer
  • Performance 91%
  • Design 90%
  • Price 94%

#3 Sunnydaze Cotton Rope Hammock – Best With Pillow

Sometimes a hammock just needs the added comfort of a pillow, and if you are looking for a set that comes complete with a pillow, then this Sunnydaze© lounge bed is your best option. You must be wondering, “But why can’t I just get my own pillow separately?” Well, the reason is that the pillow included in this hammock set is designed to be weather resistant so that even if you accidentally leave it outside, you can be assured that it won’t be damaged by rain or extreme sun. The polyester pillow is also quite hardwearing and resistant to stains, mold, and mildew.

Besides the pillow, this cotton rope hammock also comes with a quilted pad which offers a more comfortable surface as opposed to the rope stitched bed. The pad is made out of a combination of ¼” natural cotton rope and inner poly quilting for maximum comfort. The cover of the pad is a weather resistant solution-dyed acrylic fabric that is durable and can competently withstand the conditions. The quilted pad is detachable though, so the user has the option of using the hammock while lying on the load or while lying directly on the rope stitched bed.

Setting up this hammock is very fast and easy, and no tools are required. The tubular steel stand is sturdy and rust-resistant for durability, and the hardwood spreader is treated and weather resistant so that it holds up well even when left outside. Weighing 36 pounds, you have the option of setting up the hammock permanently in one spot, or you may also choose to move it around as needed. The lightweight nature allows for easy mobility, and you may choose to have the hammock either outdoors or indoors as required. However, remember that this is a single-user hammock with a capacity of 275 pounds.



✓ It comes with a detachable, weather resistant pillow.

✓ For added comfort, there is a quilted sleeping pad provided

✓ All components are designed to be weather resistant ideal for outdoor use

✓ It has very assembly and dismantling

 It comes in several vibrant colors and patterns

It has a weight limit of just 275lbs
  • Performance 93%
  • Design 92%
  • Price 90%

#4 Caribbean Jumbo – Best With Caribbean Design

Hammocks generally look rather exquisite, but if you are looking for one that has a particularly authentic Caribbean look and feel, then this Caribbean© Hammocks Jumbo 55 inch is your best option. The extremely large size of this hammock gives it a welcoming flair and the close-knit micro weave bed that’s been skilfully hand-woven adds to the overall elegance and authenticity of the hammock.

Additionally, this hammock bed is weather resistant, and so you never have to worry about them rotting or developing mildew and mold. The luxurious polyester cords used in the weave are very soft to the touch, and the tight weave is impressively supportive with no pressure points. Being a 3-ply twisted cord, this hammock is very strong, so there aren’t any chances of it breaking.

The 26 end cords aid with an even distribution of the user’s weight and this contributes towards the strength and balance of the hammock. This is how the Caribbean Hammock is capable of achieving a high capacity of 600 pounds, meaning it can conveniently accommodate several adults at a go. Besides using more end cords, this lounge bed also uses thicker cords which generally have better stretch and give as compared to thinner cords. This perfect amount of tuning is what gives the hammock the perfect amount of giving for optimum comfort and coziness.

Also adding to that Caribbean feel is the dark walnut color of the spreader bar. This tropical hardwood spreader bar employs a large diameter for enhanced strength and stability and to protect it from termites and the elements; the bar has also been coated with marine spa varnish which gives it an appealing polished high gloss.



It is stylish and good looking, with over 20 vibrant fabric colors to choose from

✓ The polyester cords used are colorfast, 100% rainproof and dry extremely quick

✓ It has a huge weight capacity of 600lbs

You would have to buy the hammock stand separately
  • Performance 93%
  • Design 93%
  • Price 89%

#5 Best Choice Products – Best Free Standing Hammock Chair

This hammock swing chair from BestChoiceProducts© is a combination of all the perfect aspects of a pool chair and all the perfect aspects of a porch swing. Careful attention to details has been given so that the user gets to enjoy a hammock swing chair that offers unrivaled comfortable. To begin with, this lounge chair features a detachable 46” umbrella canopy shade, so the user has the option of sitting directly under the sun or getting some shade when it becomes too hot. The removable canopy also allows you to adapt the chair for indoor use when the weather outside is not very favorable.

Having been built to last, this hammock chair has a heavy-duty powder-coated metal frame capable of supporting up to 265 pounds. The ergonomically designed curve on the frame makes it easy for you to sit up while reading a book but at the same time, you can also curl up for a nap. This air swing is hanging to the metal frame using a durable and adjustable steel chain which also acts as the swinging mechanism of the hammock chair. This way, you can enjoy a gentle sway while you relax, which is the whole point of any hammock, to begin with.

The 2” foam filled polyester cushions together with the included pillow give this hammock chair the perfect design for ultimate relaxation and comfort. Additionally, the cushions have a PVC cover which makes them water resistant, so your chair doesn’t get damaged if you happen to leave it out in the rain. The headrest pillow is detachable, so if you feel it just doesn’t work for you, there is the option of taking it out and simply lounging on the cushions. This swing is built for individual use, but it is very roomy, with the hammock chair having overall dimensions of 73” x 46” x 78’.



✓ Can easily be assembled by one person

✓ It has a sleek, space-saving design

✓ The foam-filled PVC-coated cushions are water resistant

✓ It is meant to be used both indoors and outdoors

✘ Because of their 2” thickness, the cushions take quite long to dry

This hammock is for single use only

  • Performance 94%
  • Design 94%
  • Price 88%

Stand Alone Hammocks: Features To Compare 


Hammocks with stand will often be made of either wood or metal, while the hammock itself might be constructed from fabric or rope. The reason why the construction material is so important is that this will determine how well the furniture stands up to the use you will subject it to. If you go for a wooden stand, then make sure it is treated to protect it from termites and to also safeguard against wood decay in case you happen to leave the stand outside, and it gets rained on. As for metallic stands, on the other hand, stainless steel is preferred because it is sturdy and resists rusting.

Whether the hammock is made of cotton, polyester-coated rope or any other woven fabric, make sure it features quality stitching and will be strong enough to support you. This consideration then takes us to the next factor.


Hammocks with stand are rated at different weights, and this indicates their capacity. Will the hammock be used by one individual at a time or do you prefer it to hold the whole family at a time? How big you want the hammock to be will, in turn, influence its material and strength and ultimately, the cost of the hammock as well. Make sure the hammock can handle the weight of the intended user and ensure it features solid quality construction that lives up to the indicated capacity.


Do you need a stand alone hammock that can be moved around or folded and packed away when not in use or do you just plan on keeping it on one spot? If you want a flexible, portable hammock, then look out for ones that are lighter in weight and feature flexible assembly. Additionally, you may even find one with wheels, and this eases the process of moving the hammock around from place to place. If you intend to have the hammock set up in one spot, however, then feel free to go for heavier models.


Hammocks with stand vary in both length and width, and the size you go for will be influenced by a couple of factors. Firstly, how much available space do you have for the hammock? Typically, they stretch from 10-15 feet so make sure you have sufficient space to hang the hammock. The second factor is how many people will be using the hammock at a time. Whether you go for a single hammock or a two-person hammock, make sure it matches up to its intended use so that users can be comfortable enough because ultimately, hammocks are meant for relaxation.

Benefits of Hammocks with Stands

a) Mobility

Freestanding hammocks are incredibly portable, meaning you are not restricted to placing the hammock at one spot. You can put it directly under the sun, under a tree, on the porch, in your living room, in your bedroom, etc. you may also choose to have the hammock facing different directions at different times of the day simply by moving the stand.

b) Style

Modern stand alone hammock stands come in many styles and designs, and these can creatively be incorporated to be part of your home’s existing décor. This way, besides being a functional piece of furniture, the hammock also plays an aesthetic role in complementing the existing pieces in your backyard. When the hammock has a great style, you can simply leave it up throughout and not have to fold and store it away after every use.

c) Versatility

As long as you have the required floor space, you can set up a free-standing hammock anywhere including on the beach, or on your apartment balcony because you are not restricted by pre-existing anchor points. This way, the hammock is usable all year round and not just during the warmer months as is often the case with hammocks hanging from tree trunks.

D) Easy Assembly

Most lightweight hammocks can easily be set up by one person but holding up the heavier stands might be a two-person job. In either instance though, stand alone hammocks often come with easy-to-follow instructions allowing you to assemble the hammock in a couple of minutes. This way you can have an instant hammock whenever you are in the mood to simply lounge under the sun. When assembled, some models will provide a folding option so that you do not have to dismantle the entire set up when you need to put the hammock away for storage.

stand alone hammocks reviews

Other Types of Hammocks

a) Mayan Hammocks

With these hammocks, the bed is made of woven cotton or nylon, and they are often very colorful. They are also pretty lightweight and have the added advantage of being hand-woven by indigenous craftsmen. A sub-group of the in-line variety, Mayan hammocks are also designed to cocoon around the sleeper when they nestle inside.

b) Nicaraguan Hammocks

Nicaraguan hammocks are very similar to Mayan hammocks, but you will notice that the former has a more open weaving that’s also significantly looser. As a result, these hammocks allow for plenty of air circulation, and so they can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes.

c) Brazilian Hammocks

These hammock beds are made from thick, tightly woven cotton fabric and as a result, they are very supportive and durable. Additionally, these beds are quite comfortable, proving to be the best kind of hammock if you are looking for one that’s particularly good for your back. On the downside though, Brazilian hammocks aren’t as breathable as woven hammocks, and so they can get a little too hot in warm climates. This could work as an advantage also, whereby the hammock is perfectly suited for keeping the lounger pleasantly in colder climates.

D) Quilted Fabric Hammocks

Another hammock perfectly suited for colder climates, quilted fabric beds use a filler material between layers of fabric. Besides providing warmth, this filler fabric also makes the hammock bed much softer and much more comfortable. Also, these hammock designs come with a spreader bar, and this results in a much wider hammock that can fit several people at a go. As a result, these hammocks are perfect for use by kids and families.

E) Rope Hammocks

Design-wise, rope hammocks are very similar to quilted hammocks in that they both use spreader bars to keep the hammock open for easy access. The one difference is that rope hammocks feature a rope stitched bed instead of one made from layers of fabric. The rope may be made of cotton or polyester, and while cotton lounge beds are more comfortable, polyester beds handle mildew, mold, and humidity much better. Unlike quilted hammocks, rope hammocks might not be ideal for children because a hand or foot could get stuck between the large gaps in the rope weave.

F) Camping Hammocks

Living up to their intended use, the lounge beds are designed to be very light in weight for easy portability. The lightweight material used is often parachute silk or nylon, and besides being ultralight, this also makes them very hardwearing and easy to maintain. Most models of camping hammocks conveniently come with storage pockets and mosquito nets.

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