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The perfect household accessory for winter and summer may very well be your ceiling fan. A quality fan can cool down your house in the heat of summer allowing your family to enjoy comfy sweatless nights as well cool moments enjoying a barbeque out on the porch. Honestly, it is a bit difficult to imagine such an idyllic time in summer without these relatively cheaper alternatives to some other expensive cooling appliances (e.g. AC units). So, without further ado, here is our detailed review and buyer’s guide for the best ceiling fans you can buy in 2018Lets’s get started ! 

top 5 ceiling fans

TOp 5 Ceiling Fans 2018 List

  Brand Name Airflow Electricity Use Motor Speed Fan Size Weight  
hunter-fan-1 Hunter53237
 Best Pick 
5049 CFM 60 watt 155 RPM 52" 21.5 lbs Check Price
2-Emerson-ceiling-fans Emerson CF712ORB 5224 CFM 61 watt 170 RPM 50" 19 lbs Check Price
hunter-ceiling-fans-reviews Hunter53091
 Reasonable Price 
5110 CFM 60 watt 159 RPM 52" 20 lbs Check Price
hunter-ceiling-fans-with-lights Hunter 52090 3516 CFM 60 watt 331 RPM 34" 18 lbs Check Price
Minka-Aire-Fans Minka-Aire F843 6585 CFM 66 watt 153 RPM 52" 19 lbs Check Price
Airflow (CFM): CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. it indicates how much air a fan can move.

Motor Speed (RPM): RPM stands for revolutions per minute. It is a measure of the number of rotations in one minute.

#1 Hunter 53237 – Best ceiling fan with light

This exquisitely designed indoor use only, considered one of the best ceiling fans from Hunter’s® Builder collection. Has a classic look and is available in brushed nickel or Brazilian cherry colors. The reversible blades colors are either in Brazilian cherry or harvest mahogany, and due to their subdued warm tones, they can complement any decor color scheme.

Its 52-inch blade size is perfect for bedrooms, media or family rooms measuring up to 350sq.ft. This Hunter 53237 fan has 5 blades and has a reversible motor that makes it easy for users to change the fan’s direction during summer and winter accordingly.

Hunter 53237 is designed to allow easy standard, angled or low mounting during installation. We love its powerful WhisperWind motor that offers ultra quiet operation whether in summer or winter. This motor has high-speed airflow capacity of 5049 CFM and is designed to operate at 120 volts while consuming 60 watts. It is UL certified and is backed by a Hunter limited lifetime warranty, meaning that you can replace or repair it when needed.

You will love this Hunter Builder 52-inch fan’s three bell-shaped, frosted swirled glass shades that are designed to hold 60-watt candelabra bulbs, which are part and parcel of the purchase. They give off a soft glow perfect for most resting areas like bedrooms, but maybe not powerful enough for other rooms with more human activity. These fans have a pull chain that makes it easy for you to turn it off or on and make speed adjustments for your comfort. It has three different speed levels; low, medium or high, and you will love how wobble free it is in its operation unlike many other designs of fans.



Limited lifetime warranty on motor

 Discreet and whisper-quiet performance

Perfect for large rooms

 Allows for different mounting angles


No remote control

Some users find it tasking to install

  • Performance 92%
  • Design 91%
  • Price 90%

#2 Emerson CF712ORB  – Easiest to install 52″ fan

Emerson CF712ORB fan is from the Emerson® Pro Series collection and has five 52 inch reversible wooden fan blades in dark cherry and medium oak. It has an oil rubbed bronze housing and finish with intricate flange details, giving your room that classic traditional vibe.

It has a powerful motor that can do 5224 CFM at high speeds and runs on 120 volts of electricity. This means at no extra pressure on your pocket, you can have your room feeling cooler than it is on the outside without adding to your energy bill. Emerson CF712ORB fan also has a reversible airflow switch, to ensure that it operates in the optimum direction in winter or summer.

Included in the this fan an integrated Amber Scavo light fixture that utilizes three 60 watt candelabra bulbs, providing ample lighting for any large room. If you want the fan without the lighting though, you can easily remove the base and use it without the lighting fixtures. The 3x60 watt bulbs also do come with the purchase, to ensure quick installation without having to run purchase the right size before use. Being a 52-inch blade fan also means that it can cover spaces up to 400 square meters efficiently, and to make the deal sweeter, this powerful motor has a limited lifetime warranty and a one year warranty on parts.

These fans have a quick installation process, with easy to align Precision-Lock blade arms, that make it easy to attach the blades to the unit. It also allows for dual mounting allowing installation on 8-9 foot ceilings by use of 4.5″ down rod. Alternatively, the fan can be mounted flush to your ceiling without the down rod. This Emerson CF712ORB fan is operated through the use of a three-speed pull chain but a handheld or wall remote device can be added if need be.



Quick and easy installation

 Limited lifetime warranty on motor

Perfect for large rooms

 Sturdy in construction

 Attractive design

Does not come with remote

Has plastic clips on the pull chain that are prone to breakage

  • Performance 93%
  • Design 89%
  • Price 88%

#3 Hunter 53091  – best cheap ceiling fan

This Hunter Builder Deluxe indoor model is one of the best fans for bedrooms out there, with its unique blend of classic design concepts coupled with advanced energy efficiency. This fan has a choice of cherry or stained oak colored 52-inch blades with a new bronze casing finish and has two 60 watt candelabra incandescent bulbs encased in a piped toffee glass light bowl.

You can use it with or without the light kit though, depending on your preference. Most users claim that the light is not optimally bright though but there are brighter alternatives out there.

These fans have an EU energy efficiency label of 80, consuming only 64 watts while in use, therefore helping you keep your energy bills on the down low. Its airflow efficiency is 76 cfm and its powerful motor is capable of 5110 CFM at high speeds, while its large and powerful blades can comfortably cover spaces of up to 400 square meters efficiently. This fan also has a 13-degree blade pitch to ensure optimum air dispersion in your room. You will love its price too, it is certainly a value for your money fan kit.

We love that this fan is basically wobbling free and has Hunter’s whisper quiet performance, meaning its motors perform optimally without emitting any annoying sounds. Its blades are also reversible, perfect for maximum comfort and energy saving during winter and summer, as you can rotate the blades in the required direction for maximum output.  This fan has a pull chain for control, to increase or reduce its speeds or for switching it on or off.  With the Hunter 53091, you can pick between low, medium or high-speed fans and its motor is covered by Hunter’s limited lifetime warranty.



Whisper quiet performance

 Comes with a 3 inch long down rod

Very affordable

 Saves you up to 47% cooling cost

There is no  remote control on purchase

Its two 60 watt candelabra incandescent bulbs provide light that is bit dim

  • Performance 92%
  • Design 89%
  • Price 92%

#4 Hunter 52090 – Best small ceiling fan

Looks can be virtually deceiving and this small but deadly ceiling fan with light has all the power your small room or office needs minus the space consuming bulk. It has not failed our register that this baby shares a few characteristics with its big brother the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe. Top of the list, of course, is the two 60 watt candelabra incandescent bulbs encased in piped toffee glass light bowl and the rustic new bronze casing finish.

It has a choice of cabin home or walnut colors for its powerful 34-inch blades, that are perfect for limited spaces hallways, laundry rooms, breakfast nooks, bathrooms, walk-in closets or small kitchens.

The Hunter 52090 fan’s rustic look is designed for indoor use only and is powered by a 153 millimeter by 15-millimeter motor, producing 3516 CFM of airflow at its highest speed and utilizing  59 cfm per watt. Without lights on,  this fan uses only 60 watts of energy while at high speed. This motor is also reversible to customize air flow movements whether in summer or winter and help you save 47% on cooling costs.  This is because the fan will help you raise your thermostat by up to 6 degrees in summer and as per Energy Star you can save up to 3 percent on air conditioning costs with each degree raised on your thermostat. This small ceiling fan also comes with Hunter’s WhisperWind technology, to ensure that the spaces it is installed in are optimally silent for the user’s comfort.

These fans have 3-speed motor settings ranging from low, medium to high speeds, and have pull chains added to assist regulate light and fan speeds as well. It also used to turn the fan off or on. You can mount it in three positions depending on your choice, including angled, standard or low mounting. This product too has Hunter’s one year on all parts excluding the incandescent bulbs as well a limited lifetime warranty for the motor. The kit at purchase also has 2 or 3-inch downrods for low to standard ceiling heights and you can also purchase longer downrods for higher ceilings.



Three fan speeds (high/medium/low)

 Reversible switch for year-round use

Blades have about 13-degree pitch

 Great price

✓ You can  install it standard, flush or angled mount

Does not come with remote control
  • Performance 93%
  • Design 90%
  • Price 88%

#5 Minka-Aire F843-SL – Best ceiling fan for large rooms

Another top fan in our ceiling fans reviews, the Minka-Aire® F843-SL Wave fan is a modern work of art, has a  super sleek design and is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room it is installed in. The fan has a contemporary look with an elegant silver finish. Do not be fooled by its beauty, this fan packs quite a punch when it comes to motor power as well as a host of other meaningful features. To start off, this baby has 52 inches smooth – lined fans meaning it can easily cover rooms over 400 square feet large without breaking a sweat. It is therefore perfect for boardrooms, libraries, large bedrooms or offices.

These cooling fans have three blades with a 48-degree pitch, which enables these blades to generate a whopping 6585 CFM airflow capacity way higher than its 52-inch counterparts from Hunter with five blades. How cool is that? But despite this fan’s long blades, it only weights a partly 19 pounds meaning it is very well designed. This monster fan has other features too that we are all the rave about. It not only has full-range light dimming but has a hand-held remote that you can use to comfortably regulate the lighting as well as its three-speed fan range.

Its motor is also designed to function super quietly and has an angled ceiling adapter with a 21-degree pitch. The motor is also reversible to suit different seasons and help you cut costs while increasing the comfort of your loved ones.  All these awesome features and cool design, though makes Minka-Aire F843-SL one of the most expensive fans on our ceiling fans reviews report. But, we are sure you can see why that is so. To put the icing on this cake, this fan is UL listed and comes with a lifetime warranty, for perfect peace of mind when purchasing.



Elegant contemporary design

 Comes with a remote device

A whopping 48-degree blade pitch

 Whips up 6585 cfm airflow

Has full range light dimming function

Not light kit compatible

A tad costly

A bit on the noisy side of fans

  • Performance 96%
  • Design 94%
  • Price 80%

ceiling fans Buyer’s Guide 

ceiling fans buying guide
The fan’s airflow capacity

You should consider looking for fans with high CFM (Cubic Feet of Airflow per Minute) factors. High CFM means that your fan will generate the required amount of wind-chill.  A fan with 4000 to 7000 CFM is recommended.

The fan’s energy efficiency rating

To lower your energy costs, look for a fan with an Energy Star seal because Energy Star certified fans are 60% more energy efficient than standard models. An Energy Star rated model should have at least 1250 cfm while at low speeds and at least 5000 cfm on high speeds.  Its motor should also have at least a 30-year warranty, one year for components and two years for the light kit.

The fan’s wattage

A watt is a unit of power used to symbolize the amount of power used by electrical appliances. The amount of watts a fan expends is used to determine its airflow efficiency.

The fan’s airflow efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a fan’s efficiency as the amount of air it moves divided by the cost of operating the fan. This formula is represented as Fans’s Efficiency = CFM/ Watt.

The fan’s motor

Fans that have sealed bearings that do not need constant lubrication, therefore, fewer maintenance costs. An outdoor or indoor fan with reversible motor is also perfect for continuous comfort and energy saving throughout the year.

The fan’s blades

Your fan can have long or short blades depending on the location of use. These blades can be curved or flat and they do vary also in blade pitch ranging from 11 to 16 degrees. Common small spans range from 26” to 42” while larger ones range from 52” to 62”. All these factors affect the fan’s CFM.

Aesthetics of the fan

High quality fans are a combination of the factors above as well as the final look and finish of the product. Most users will buy a fan due to its overall look which may be classic, contemporary, decorative and so on.

Ceiling fans types

Standard with light

These are versatile fans and can fit most décor and they are used more for indoor. They have various finishes like auburn, pewter, black brushed nickel or bronze or white. They commonly have five blades and an accompanying built-in light fixture, with a shade. Most have a pull chain for operation or a remote control device and use a downrod during installation. The National Electric Code (NEC) insists that fans have to be seven feet above the floor to avoid mishaps and a standard fan is designed with this in mind.

Low Profile 

Also known as “flush mount ceiling or hugger fans” these fans are utilized in spaces where the ceiling is less than eight feet above the floor. They also could have a light fixture if required and a handheld remote control device where applicable.

Dual Motor

These are fans with two motors with a central motor casing attached to two horizontal rods. On the end of each rod is an adjustable fan head. They can move at different speeds, and circulate more air than single motor fans.

Damp and Wet Fans

Also known as outdoor fans, these fans are designed for rainy and humid locations. their motors can resist dampness as well as wetness, while their blades are all weather and will not rust. They are perfect for sunrooms, covered porches, and patios. Wet fans are specially designed to handle snow and precipitation and are perfect for beach houses.

Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial Fans

These are designed for vast spaces and have heavy duty motors that can run continuously and are perfect for gymnasiums, greenhouses, barns, warehouses and other large spaces.  They are ideal for ceilings between 10 to 25 feet high.

popular ceiling fans brands

ceiling fans brands

Hunter fans have over 125 years ceiling fan manufacturing heritage and while they are well built, and stand out too in terms of aesthetics, they are really affordable. Hunter is praised for producing super quiet ceiling fans and it’s constantly releasing new and advanced collections to keep the market expectant and excited. This brand scores very high marks for its fair prices, great looks, variety, and constant innovation.


Emerson fans are extremely powerful, and this market leader is lauded for producing robust heavy duty motors with their fans winning an average of 99 CFM per watt, one of the best outcomes so far in the industry. Its K55 motor makes their fans very dynamic, delivering the perfect cooling effect. To top it all they are efficient and sturdily built and will last a long time.

Monte Carlo

This brand has awesomely designed fans that are so versatile in use, that it makes this brand’s fans stand out from the clutter. To begin with, they have different kinds of fans for the outdoors as well as the indoors. What makes them stand out is their ease of installation well as a choice of various color finishes on the same model, to complement any color scheme out there. This brand has fans with chandeliers to evoke grandeur as well as sleek bladed classic fans to provide that stylish elegant contemporary feel to a room. Monte Carlo fans are also perfectly energy efficient and outperform many others in terms of airflow efficiency.

Minka Aire

Minka Aire fans are not only beautifully designed but come with some of the most advanced technological features, sturdy build, and perfect finishes. Minka Aire fans are way out of the box when it comes to design concepts, rendering them so stunning that they are constantly the focal point of any space they are installed in. As per our best-rated fans report, the Minka Aire fans on it have the highest CFM levels making them the most efficient too.


The Westinghouse brand is a powerhouse for home appliances, and its fans are considered as some of the best and well made, and with such a diverse portfolio in fan models, it is mind-boggling. Its fans have DC motors and the most innovative lighting technology as well as a varied selection of blade lengths to suit any buyer.

Ceiling fans categories

Contemporary / Modern Fans

These are minimalistic and sleek with contemporary dome on light fixtures.


These are based on the original designs of the first fans invented. They may have an added light fixture and mostly have vents.


These waft cool breezes and are designed for the great outdoors as well as indoors. Their blades are designed to resemble tropical elements like palm leaves, bamboo accessories or rattan fans.


These are ornate and elegant and may be designed to reflect on some particular period in history or a specific region or culture in the world.


These have elements of traditional, decorative and contemporary fans, being a blend of various design styles that come together in harmony to produce the transitional fans.


These fans have design elements that point back to a time when fans were in vogue. These elements include blade holders, scroll work on the casing and are used to point elegantly through decor to a specific time period.


Installed in workplaces and they are designed with powerful motors to become heavy duty air movers.

Kids  fans

Their design themes can range from sports, wildlife, animated characters and any other element that may catch the attention of a young mind. Besides entertainment, studies show that fans can reduce chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for babies who sleep with their fans by more than 70%.

Ceiling fans size

ceilling fans size

Normally, fans are measured by their sweep or blade span, which is the diameter of the circle the fan makes while in motion. To know the size of your fan measure it from the tip of one fan blade to the tip of the blade directly across it.

  1. Always consider the height between your floor and your ceiling when choosing a fan. This distance greatly determines what size of fan you can purchase for a particular space.
  2. Tall ceilinged rooms need fans with downrods, that bring the fan closer to the occupants of the room, ensuring that the fan has to be seven feet above the floor to avoid mishaps is applied to the letter.
  3. Smaller spaces need compact small fans also called hugger or low profile fans that are mounted flush to the ceiling. Huge rooms need larger fans while small spaces will be better off with smaller fans.
fan sizes for various space 
  • Use a fan with a blade span of  36 inches and below for small rooms of 75 square feet or less
  • Use a fan with a blade span of  36 to 42 inches for medium-sized rooms with 75 to 144 square feet of space
  • Use a fan with a blade span of  50 to 56 inches for large rooms that have 144 to 224 square feet of space.
  • Use a fan with a blade span of  52 to 62 inches fro spaces larger than 224 square feet. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn commissions by linking to the retailer sites. All trademarks and brands mentioned in are property of their respective owners.