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Fans may not chill the air as effectively as an air conditioner can, but they are definitely a pocket-friendly alternative. Investing in a cooling fan just might be the one thing your summer parties have been needing. Or why else do you think your guests always seem to leave too soon? Check below our 5 best cooling fans for rooms to buy in 2018.

best cooling fans for rooms

TOP 5 Cooling Fans for rooms 2018 List

  Brand Mounting style Cord Lentgh Fan Diameter Weight  
#1-cooling fans Vornado
 Best Pick 
Standalone 6 ft 12" 6.6 lbs Check Price
#2-cooling fans Lasko Standalone 6 ft 20" 9.5 lbs Check Price
#3-cooling fans Honeywell
 Reasonable Price 
Standalone 2 ft 15" 6.1lbs Check Price
#4-cooling fans Holmes Standalone 6 ft 12" 7.1 lbs Check Price
#5-cooling fans Vornado Standalone 6 ft 12" 12.1 lbs Check Price

#1 Vornado 630 –  Best-seller cooling fan in the market

Despite its diminutive design, the Vornado® 630 possesses superior aerodynamic features that make this fan capable of efficiently circulating all the air in a room. One such feature is the uniquely twisted AirTensity™ grill designed to give the air a spiral effect for maximum travel.

The other feature ranking this in our list is the deep pitch of the blades contained within an enclosed air duct. While the blades maximize air movement as far as 70 feet, the cylindrical duct sculpts air through a high-velocity column. All the while, this is facilitated by the powerful high-quality motor that produces a pleasant low-pitched hum while in operation.

Vornado 630 is able to moves a lot of air multi-directionally and at very high speeds. This fan rotates, disperses and recollects air through a specially sized inlet which in turn directs air at an accelerated rate to the most efficient parts of the blades.

As a result of this vortex mechanism, airflow is maximized which is a major factor in determining cooling fans performance. On average, you should expect this fan to register maximum airflow of about 331 CFM while at a motor spin of 1600 RPM, and airflow of about 222 CFM when operating on the lowest speed setting while at a motor spin of 1025 RPM.

The Vornado 630 is built from high-quality plastic that is hardy and durable. While plastic isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as vintage steel or aluminum it definitely it cheaper than other cooling fans made from the former. Another advantage is that the blades are easy to clean seeing as they just require you to pull off the grill after prying off a few latches.



Removable grill for easy cleaning

 Powerful air circulation

Only uses 55 watts

 It is sturdy and portable

 Has no vibration and operates quietly

 5-year warranty

No remote control

#2 Lasko 3300  - best large fan for rooms

With this fan, Lasko® made use of a pivoting head thus enabling you to direct airflow in a particular direction. This is a desirable feature if you decide to use your fan hand in hand with the air conditioner, the fan can be positioned to move cool air towards spaces where the air conditioner might not reach effectively.

Besides, at just 9.5lbs, this large 20" monster fan is lightweight enough to be moved from room to room as needed depending on where you might want to enhance airflow. This portability is further made easier by the large carry handle found on the fan.

Another handy feature is the signature Blue Plug™ technology used in all Lasko fans. This patented safe fuse technology has been designed such that electric current to the fan is immediately cut off if a potentially hazardous electric fault is detected.

The detection is done by a small non-replaceable fuse found within the plug, and by cutting off electric current, your fan’s motor is protected from damages thus contributing towards the longevity of the unit.  At 25.8 x 7.2 x 23.8 inches, and especially when used in a small apartment, this fan might feel a bit bulky as compared to some of the others cooling fans in our list. However, it is also pretty lightweight compared to its large diameter of 20", and this has been made possible by the fact that the fan is made entirely from plastic.



It comes completely assembled right

 For such a powerful fan it is pretty quiet

The pivoting head flexibly directs air flow

 Ideal if  you have pets or small kids seeing as the thick plastic housing encloses the deep-set fan blades safely

 ETL listed for safety

The location of the controls can be a little inconvenient

For cleaning  the blades, Taking off the grill is quite tasking

#3 Honeywell hl908  - cheap cooling fan

Perhaps the biggest factor ranking this among our list is that it makes use of new blades that are 30% quieter as compared to its competitors. However, it still produces some white noise which is just enough to drown out street noise such as traffic but not so loud that you have to crank up the TV volume. This is quite a nice compromise making it perfect for those who like some white noise but hate units that are too noisy.

Another perk of this fan is that it is extremely efficient. At 50% power consumption, this Honeywell fan moves about 75% of the air which means that when used in conjunction with the AC, you can reduce your energy bill by as much as 22%.

If you are lokking for a fan to use in conjunction with your air conditioner, then Honeywell® HT-908 might just be what you need. Employing aerodynamic TurboForce™ design for maximized air movement, and with a CFM reading of 367, this air circulator guarantee efficient air circulation within small and medium-sized rooms.

At 5.7lbs, this fan is incredibly lightweight thus making it conveniently portable. This way, you can move it from room to room with ease, or even take it with you when you travel. Owing to the compact look, it would be the perfect if you need a unit that will not attract too much attention or take up too much room in your small apartment. Its small size allows for easy storage when it’s not in use. Besides, the sleek look would seamlessly blend in with any existing décor making it a great option for a buyer who’s keen on both functionality and aesthetics.



✓ Being 30% quieter than leading competition

 Energy efficiency

For cleaning purposes, the grille is removable

 Is compact enough to be used as a table fan

 Subtle white noise

The front plastic grille bends a bit too easily hence posing a safety risk

Unlike other Honeywell models, this one cannot be wall mounted

#4 Holmes hapf624r - Best room fan with remote control

Besides the slim, stylish appearance, the other thing that stands out about this Holmes® fan is the adjustable settings. The option of choosing from 3 speed settings and 2 breeze modes will help you to achieve ultimate comfort.

Still, on convenience, this air circulator fan comes with a remote control allowing you to adjust your settings without getting up from your bed or seat. For this reason, it would be the ideal choice for users whose mobility is compromised. Another handy feature is the adjustable timer that can be used to program the unit for up to 8 hours.

This high-performance power unit, features a rotating grill designed to optimize airflow. By allowing for wide area coverage, airflow is increased by as much as 40%. This factor is also enhanced by the larger blade diameter of 30.5cm (12 inches), and the shrouded housing design. Despite the small size of this fan (7.1 x 18.1 x 19.6 inches), the advanced blade system is powerful enough to maximize airflow even in a large room.

Still, on airflow optimization, this would be a good room cooling fan to get if you need a unit which has an adjustable tilt head for flexibility and more precise direction of airflow. On this model, any of the 3 speed settings can be employed for stimulation of air movement while the 2 breeze modes come in handy when you just want some comfort in the room. You may also opt for the sleep mode when the fan is not in use or set the automatic shut-off timer when you don’t want to sleep with the fan on all night. When putting the fan away altogether, the slim profile has the advantage of taking up very little room, making it an ideal option for use in tight spaces.



Comes with sleep mode and breeze modes

 Rotating grill maximizes air movement

Has an automatic shut off timer

 3-year limited warranty

✓ Has a comfortable carrying handle for easy portability

Beeping of the control buttons can be annoyingly loud

#5 vornado 732 - best adjustable cooling fan

Vornado has a reputation for designing circulating air fans across the whole room while maintaining even temperatures throughout the moving air. This makes them a great option for anyone looking to use his fan in conjunction with the AC seeing as air conditioners normally create cold spots within the room.

For this reasons, Vornado® fans are often very powerful, but this also means that they can be quite expensive and quite noisy. If you hate loud fans, this might not be the best cooling fan for you. Quality and durability are assured though, and this fact has been backed up by the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Just like all other Vornado® fans, this one also utilizes the Vortex technology for maximum air circulation within the entire room. Optimum airflow and performance are further enhanced by the deep-pitched blades that have been heavily contoured so as to generate deep-penetrating air currents moving as far as 100 ft. This optimal airflow is further made possible by the AirTensity™ grill that features a special twist that induces a spiral motion in air passing through the fan.

We believe that the best cooling fan should be no-fuzz, and this particular unit comes with controls that are pretty easy to use. Besides the power button, you just have to choose from 3 speed settings. For this reason, this would be a perfect portable fan to get for elderly people or those who would rather work with a hassle-free unit.



Removable grill allows for easy cleaning

 Sturdy steel base

Multidirectional air flow

 Has a fully adjustable head

Comes with anti-slip rubber O-rings

At maximum speed, the fan can be a bit too loud

Without remote access, this might not be a good fan for the physically challenged

cooling fans for rooms features

rooms fans buyer's guide

Airflow is normally measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and this is simply a measure of the volume of air the fan can move. Ideally, highest quality home cooling fans would have an airflow capable of effectively dissipating the heat generated within the particular space you intend to use the fan.

Air Circulation

As far as oscillation goes, you need to decide whether you are looking for a fan that sweeps across the room or one that focuses on a single spot. To cool down a big room, the former is often preferred because it can cool several people simultaneously. With a huge collection of air circulator fans in the market today, you could get to have the liberty of choosing your preferred oscillation patterns as well as the oscillation speeds. However, remember that air circulation will also depend on the type of fan in question. While you should want an oscillating tower fan to be used in your living room, oscillation might not be such an important feature when talking about desk fans.


The last thing you want is having to crank up the TV volume every time your fan is on or being startled from your sleep every time your partner switches on the fan in the middle of the night. You should choose a fan for your room that will operate quietly without any thrumming or buffeting. Normally though, a lot of cooling fans do not come with an indication of how noisy they will, therefore, check it out in the store before making your purchase.


Often, the difference between a fan that worth $350 and a $50 one will come in when talking about the energy efficiency, air flow and design of the fans. Therefore as much as you might want to get the most affordable fan, also consider getting value for your money. It would be worth it to invest in a durable fan that could serve you for years as opposed to getting a cheap, inefficient fan that breaks down in a matter of months.

As far as prices go, also consider the warranty. The warranty might easily be overlooked in a $20 desk fan but do you really want to purchase a $400 fan without a warranty?

Build Material

fans can be manufactured using any material: plastic, steel or aluminum. While plastic blades are safer, easier to clean, rust-free, lighter in weight and make less noise; metal blades are more durable, have better aesthetic appeal and can adequately withstand knocks and falls. Due to the lighter weight, you might find that some fans with plastic blades have a higher CFM and are cheaper as compared to metallic-bladed fans.


Different fans have different looks, with some having a very futuristic appearance while others have the plain old-school look. Other convenient design features you can find in room air circulators include: adjustability as pertains height and tilt, multiple power options, remote control option, LED display, fan modes/speeds, etc.

Energy Consumption

With improved technology, the wattages of fans are constantly being reduced in an effort to improve their power efficiency. Such technological improvements include programmable timers as well as auto shut-off features.

fans types and categories

a) Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans sit on a sturdy stand that is in most instances adjustable. By adjusting the height and/or angle, you can direct air towards a particular point in the room. Generally, modern pedestal fans come with remote control and digital display for enhanced user-friendliness.

b) Tower / Column Fans

Similar to a pedestal fan but in this instance, the blades are hidden within the fan. Tower fans are very widely used to cool house rooms because of their slim profile that takes up very little space, and their sleek appearance. They are typically large thus making them a great choice to sufficiently cool larger rooms and owing to their light weight; these fans are conveniently portable.

c) Bladeless Fans

With their futuristic appearance, noiseless operation and the fact that they employ advanced technology, it is no wonder that these are the priciest fans you will find in the market. Bladeless fans employ the technology of a vacuum cleaner whereby a brushless DC motor is used to suck in air through the base of the fan. Being 100% safe, these are ideal to use around kids and pets.

d) Desk / Table Fans

Because of their small size, desk fans are mostly used for small spaces that does not exceed 120 sq. ft. Modern models come with features such as an adjustable angle, with more advanced units having a mist cooling system for optimum cooling. These fans are often very cheap.

e) Ceiling Fans

Because of their large size, ceiling fans are often a good choice for use in large spaces either indoors or outdoors. With improved technology, ceiling fans are coming with a host of features such as an automatic thermostat, decorative lights, remote control systems, etc. Keep in mind that these additional features will often influence the pricing.

F) Box Fans

Unlike what the name suggests, box fans can be square, circular, oblong, or rectangular in shape. These are the best fans for portability, allowing the user to move them from one room to another as required. Often, box fans can be used in windows to facilitate airflow when there isn’t a draft.

G) Floor Fans

Floor fans usually feature a sturdy base, and unlike box fans, these fans have the ability to tilt up or down. Because they have a very high air output, these are a great fans for optimum airflow and as a result, can be quite noisy owing to the high velocity.

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