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When thinking about remodeling their kitchens, very few people think of investing in range hoods. Priority is normally given to the fun stuff such as: the backsplash tiles, the countertop finish, fancy lighting (e.g., chandeliers), new wood cabinets, etc. All that is fine but what about more important matters such as plumbing and ventilation?

Most of us go through life viewing range hoods as an aesthetic afterthought until a cooking session turns disastrous and your entire kitchen is filled with soot and smoke. If this has happened to you before, then you know all too well how important having a exhaust hood is. But the idea is not just to have a kitchen hood but to invest in a good, quality one.

In this detailed review we offer you a buyer’s guide to parse through the different brands and types of kitchen hoods to finally find the best range hood to buy in 2018let’s dive into it !

top 5 vent hoods

Top 5 Range Hoods 2018 List

  Brand Operating Mode Mounting Power Noise Width  
Broan 423004 Broan
 Best Pick 
Ducted/Ductless Under-Cabinet 190 CFM 53 dB 30" Check Price
Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Cosmo Ducted/Ductless Under-Cabinet 200 CFM 56 dB 30" Check Price
Broan 413004 Broan
 Reasonable Price 
Ductless Under-Cabinet 160 CFM N/A 30" Check Price
Kitchen Bath Collection Kitchen Bath Collection Ducted/Ductless Wall-Mounted 412 CFM 58 dB 30" Check Price
XtremeAir range hoods XtremeAir Ducted Under-Cabinet 900 CFM 58 dB 30" Check Price

#1 Broan 423004 –  Best Broan Range hood

These will be the best range hoods if you are looking for a ducted under-cabinet configuration that is durable and effective. Broan® is considered among the top kitchen vents manufacturers because they offer products that are not only classy but also powerful and durable. Besides, the stainless steel finish of this particular model would provide a classy contemporary addition to any kitchen.

With a CFM of 190, you can comfortably rely on this hood to expel any smoke and unpleasant odors from your kitchen, especially if you switch the hood on in the earlier stages of your cooking. It has a sone of 6.0 (~53 dB) which can be quite noisy but at its price, can you really complain much? Keep in mind that the other vent hoods that guarantee less noise will also end up costing you much more.

Broan 423004  powerful fan is designed in such a way that you would enjoy trouble-free venting for years. It’s aluminum grease filter is also very easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This extractor from Broan is only meant for round vertical duct attachment of 7,” and just as well, the hood itself comes with a built-in 7” adapter. Other features you are bound to enjoy are the protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly and the separate fan speed and light activation switches.



Controllable fan speeds

 ADA compliant and HVI 2100 certified

Aluminum grease filter is dishwasher-safe

Accepts a light bulb of up to 75 watts and the lamp case provides good light distribution

 1-year manufacturer warranty

 It is quite noisy when running at high speed

 The bulb and dampers are not included when you purchase this product

#2 Cosmo – best under-cabinet range hood

One thing customers seem to love about this kitchen exhaust vent is the space saving slim profile design. This feature makes this model one of the best exhaust fans for tight kitchen spaces or for kitchens with limited countertop/under-cabinet clearance. In addition to that, this convertible Cosmo® hood can be used either ducted or ductless. When ducted, the hood attaches to the exhaust vent using a 5” round duct. When used ductless, the unit gives you the option of purchasing a separate carbon filter kit for odors. Still, on the versatile design of this kitchen vent, it can offer either top or back venting.

The two aluminum mesh filters used in this ventilation appliance are durable, reusable and offer superior filtration of grease and oil droplets. This is a valuable feature in kitchen vent because it ensures efficiency of the unit.

At 200 CFM, you can be sure that this vent houses a very powerful fan and offers efficient airflow in your kitchen. Besides that, there are 3-speed settings to choose from hence you can adjust the unit depending on your cooking or your aeration needs. Despite the high CFM, this kitchen exhaust vent is fairly quiet producing just 56dB when running at maximum speed. This what feature give this Cosmo kitchen extractor a particularly competitive advantage over its louder competitors.



5-year limited warranty

 It uses energy efficient 140-Watt motor

It uses 2 energy efficient 3-watt LEDs for lighting

 Dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters

 It has 5 easy-to-use push-button controls

The LED light brightness cannot be adjusted

Some customers complained that the installation process is quite tedious

#3 Broan 413004 – Cheap range hood

These would be ideal for those looking for a high-quality unit that is reasonably priced and non-ducted. The superior filtration system used within this kitchen extractor is of excellent quality and delivers as expected. Because the entire system is non-vented, a combined grease-charcoal filter is used. This filter is meant to not only trap grease and oils but also deodorizes and purifies the air as it passes through it before being recirculated back into the kitchen.

The powerful rocker-type fan is also designed to be durable and efficient in creating a decent airflow. This hood comes with 2 fan speeds to choose from: low speed and a higher speed. The lower speed is quiet, but it still delivers good airflow to rid the room of smoke and odors. The high speed, on the other hand, can be a bit noisy, but it is better preferred if you are dealing with a higher amount of smoke and steam in the room.

When installing Broan 413004, try to ensure that it will sit at a minimum height of 18” from your cooktop. Maintaining a good distance from the cooktop will also ensure that the one-level hood lighting function can adequately and evenly illuminate both your stove and your countertop for convenient meal preps and cooking. Still, on lighting, this appliance can accept a light bulb of 75-Watts.



 Economical yet superior-quality kitchen vent

It provides even distribution of light

✓ The non-ducted Microtek™ filtration system is very efficient

 Easy installation

The unit dings easily if dropped or knocked against a surface

The bulb is not included when you purchase the hood

#4 KBC HA75-LED – Best wall-mounted range hood

One striking feature that stands out about this KBC® wall-mounted range hood and giving it a high-end feel is the LED lights. The two high-end LED lights each come with 49 individual bulbs that are 3 times brighter than the lights of fellow competitors. These are considered the best wall-mounted range hoods by many customers. Besides the vibrant energy-saving LED lights, this kitchen exhaust fan also comes with a canopy made out of tempered glass and a touch screen panel through which settings are adjusted. Besides being easy to use, the touchscreen panel is also sleek and easier to clean than push-button controls.

When you opt for a ducted configuration, the hood easily attaches to a wall using a flexible aluminum duct that is 6” in diameter.  This unit has also two dishwasher-friendly micro-cell grease filters that are also made of aluminum. Charcoal carbon filters are also included in the ductless configuration.

On design, the two-piece chimney featuring a high quality stainless steel finish are adjustable in height and features sleek curved edges to complete the overall sleek look of the appliance. None of the 3 sides of the chimney have any visible welded seams. When it comes to options, you can choose from 3 fan speed settings, and you have the option of installing the kitchen extractor as either ducted or ductless configuration.



UL certified motor

 Chimney height is adjustable from 23” to 41”

It has a maximum airflow capacity of 412 CFM

 It has a minimum noise level of 48dB and a maximum noise level of 58dB

✓ 1-year warranty

Does not provide the option of having different light brightness levels

#5 XtremeAir UL10-U30 – best ducted range hood

If there is one thing XtremeAIR® is truly known for, it is their quiet operation despite the fact that they produce some powerful fans that are packed with a lot of air exhaustion power. This particular kitchen vent delivers as expected proving to be a state of art that delivers both quality and style. To begin with, the fully seamless body has been constructed using radius corner construction. The thick 1mm stainless steel used is non-magnetic and of commercial grade high quality so as to guarantee that your hood does not get dented easily. The baffle filters are also made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe so as to guarantee easy cleaning.

It is hard to find a hood that operates as quietly as this XtremeAIR hood. Employing two superior quality motors that are ultra-quiet, you can be sure that the hood will not get too loud even on the highest fan speed. Just to give you peace of mind and the assurance that this appliance is of high quality, the motors have a 10-year warranty.

At maximum speed, expect this vent to deliver a CFM of 900 at 6.5 sones (58 dB). On the other hand, at the lowest speed setting, the noise level is just 1.5 sones. This unit comes with two 2-Watt LED lights that are energy efficient and produce sufficient lighting.



It has a maximum airflow of 900 CFM

Durable 1.0 mm stainless steel body is also non-magnetic

Easy-to-use EZ push button controls

 10-year motors warranty

✓ Super quiet

✘ The LED lights burn out quickly


range hoods features To Compare 

vent hoods buyer's guide

The airflow of a kitchen vent indicates its extraction rate and power/strength. Basically, airflow refers to the amount of air the hood can exhaust and is always measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A higher CFM translates into better airflow which in turn results in faster ventilation.

The CFM you go for will largely be informed by the type of cooking you constantly do. It will also depend on the actual hood in question. For instance, island kitchen vents will require a higher airflow as compared to wall-mounted range ones. Just as well, you will need a kitchen hood with a high CFM rating if you cook and fry foods often. As a general rule, we highly recommned looking for hoods with airflow starting from 300 CFM and up.

ventilation type

When classified by ventilation type, kitchen extractors can be grouped into two: ducted/vented hoods and ductless hoods. While ducted/vented appliances move air outside, ductless ones recirculate smoke and odors throughout the kitchen and to the rest of the house. Well, the choice appears pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Well, it is not.

As far as effective removal of smoke, odors, and grease goes, the best kitchen exhaust hoods will be the vented type. However, vented kitchen appliances are complicated to install and therefore also expect to part with more money in the process. Besides some building have restrictions whereby the residents cannot install ducted hoods.

On the other hand, the best kitchen vents with a cheaper installation overhead will always be the ductless type. However, you would need to keep replacing the filters every 3-6 months, depending on how frequently you cook. In addition to that, ductless kitchen extractors also require more frequent cleaning.


As you may have figured, noise is the trade-off for higher CFM ratings. When it comes to kitchen vents, noise is measured in sones or dB. One sone is roughly equivalent to a running refrigerator whereas 4 sones equate to the noise levels of a normal conversation.

Although noise might not matter much in a big kitchen within a big house, it could create quite some impact in an open plan kitchen. Even if you are buying expensive hoods, aim first to find out how noisy the unit is before purchase. This could be done physically by going to the store or if buying online; you could find out what other customers have to say about the particular hood.


Normally, kitchen extractors price varies between $100 – $1000 depending on various options: the ventilation type, the CFM, the internal working mechanism of the hood, noise levels and additional features such as temperature sensors, filter replacement indicators, digital controls, halogen lighting, etc.

Fan speeds

You should look for a vent hood that comes with multiple fan speeds (2-6). Having the choice to choose different fan speeds will allow you to choose exhaustion rates. Although some people found six fan speed settings a bit much, you should at least go for 2 fan settings: a very low, very quiet setting and a high-speed setting.

If you are just doing some light cooking, you can choose the lowest setting, but if you are doing some heavy duty cooking, you would need a higher rating so as to get rid of the grease, odors, and smoke produced.


Although your primary feature to look for is functionality, you should also consider a kitchen vent that aesthetically match up to the kitchen décor. When done right, the selected unit would provide a pleasant focal point within your space. For this reason, kitchen extractors come in a wide variety of materials and arresting designs.

For the longest time, stainless steel has been the popular material for ultimate kitchen vent experience. This is because it is an efficient material that is easy to clean and can suitably fit within any existing décor. In recent times, warmer metals such as antiqued brass, copper and bronze have also become quite popular owing to their vintage look.

As far as kitchen extractors designs go, island range hoods, in particular, are quite versatile. Some come with railings from which you can hang cooking utensils, while others come with a small shelf for storing oils and spices. Keep in mind though, that elegance comes with a higher price tag.

Energy Consumption

There are several factors that will determine the energy consumption of your kitchen extractor. For starters, you need to realize that all kitchen hoods appliances come with an energy label, rating energy efficiency from A to G. The most eco friendly units will be as energy efficient as possible and so will likely be rated higher with an A rating being the very best.

Besides that, the CFM also determines the energy consumption of the extractor. The CFM that is ideal for you will be informed by your cooking style, the kitchen style, and ducting mechanisms.

Range Hoods types 

a) Under-Cabinet 

The popularity of under-cabinet kitchen extractors arises from the fact that they are unobtrusive and hidden away. On top of that, they are quite affordable and can comfortably be used in many kitchen layouts. Just as the name indicates, these types of hoods are installed under the cabinets, above the range/stove.

For the vented type of under-cabinet units, ductwork can be hidden within the cabinets, in an adjoining wall or at the back of the extractor. These are then directed to a chase, soffit or ceiling so as to exhaust fumes to the outdoors.

b) Wall-Mounted 

Designed similarly to under-cabinet model, wall-mounted kitchen extractors attach to the wall instead. As a result, these are the perfect kitchen hoods to install, if your stove is located in a spot without overhead cabinets. This type of exhaust fans will have exposed vent stacks on the wall which is a look preferred by many people. For aesthetic purposes, you may go on ahead to cover the vent with a chrome hood, or you can camouflage it such that it matches the finish on your cabinets.

Wall-mounted units will cost more that under-cabinet vents. If you are taking efficiency into consideration though, the wall-mounted type should be your choice because the entire stove top well be covered.

c) Island 

Generally, island hoods are pretty similar to wall-mounted extractors. The only difference is that island hoods do not attach to a wall because they are installed over stoves located on the kitchen island. Therefore island hoods attach to the ceiling instead where ducts are also located for venting out smoke and other contaminants. Island hoods tend to be the best units in the market when it comes to aesthetics, but this also makes them quite expensive.

Because there is no adjacent wall or cabinets to help funnel fumes to the extractor, island exhaust fans will often be wider than the cooking surface by about 3” on either side of the cooktop range. This wider size gives them the ability to capture air efficiently from all sides.

d) Chimney 

Chimney hoods are a general hood style encompassing both island and wall-mounted kitchen vents. Just as the name suggests, the unit has a hood and a flue imitating the style of a chimney. How do they work exactly?

Well, the hood/canopy comes with an internal fan so as to catch steam, fumes, grease, and smells. These are then directed up the flue to ducts within the ceiling or adjoining wall which then vents out, in the case of ducted chimney appliances. These types of extractors require professional installation and more space.

e) Downdraft 

While other hoods are fixed overhead above the stove, downdraft hoods are unique in that they are fitted onto the countertop right next to your cooktop range/stove. Instead of pulling smoke and steam upwards, therefore, this hood style pulls them horizontally across the stove. Hoods units coming in downdraft style are a popular choice for homeowners who:

  • Are using an electric/induction cooking surface
  • Do not have the headroom to accommodate an island hood
  • Wish to have a kitchen hood that is visually out of the way
  • Do not want to deal with building ductwork into the ceiling
f) Ductless 

Under-cabinet extractors, wall-mounted and island hoods all come with the option of being ductless. With this type of range hood, steam, smoke, and heat are directed away from the stove and into the hood, but the same contaminants are then recirculated back into the kitchen and the rest of the house. The hood, however, contains filters that trap oil and grease droplets. Just as well, range hoods that are ductless will also come with a carbon filter for reducing odors.

Ductless hoods are less expensive compared to the ducted ones, and so they may be an excellent choice to go for if you are looking to incur minimal expenses without compromising the effectiveness of the kitchen extractor.

Kitchen extractors benefits

range hoods benefits
1) Air filtration

Cooking leads to the creation of smoke, odors, grease and other pollutants. By removing these contaminants, kitchen vents  contribute towards better air quality in your kitchen and your home in general. In addition, exhaust vents also help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

2) Cooling off hot kitchens

Besides smoke and steam, cooking also produces a lot of heat that can create a very uncomfortable space. Kitchen vents will help in eliminating some of this heat. This way you sweat less and get to cook in a more hygienic environment.

3) Provide extra lighting

The appliance lighting will help you see better when cooking or cleaning your stove.

4) Stylish kitchen upgrade

Kitchen fans are both functional and decorative. Though a kitchen extractor with a more elegant look will cost you more, it will also tremendously upgrade the look of your kitchen. With all the different designs in the market, you can easily find a ventilation appliance that matches your personal style.

5) Increases property value

Having a range hood shows that your kitchen is up to date and this will work in your favor in future when you try to sell your house.

6) Cooking precision

All good chefs will agree that coking involves all of your senses. You will not only judge food by its appearance but also by its smell. By eliminating odor build-up, excess steam and smoke, Your kitchen vents will leave you with the pure scents of your cooking food.

7) Contribute towards a cleaner kitchen

Kitchens without exhaust fans will often develop a thin layer of smoke and grease on the walls, ceiling, cabinets and every other surface in the kitchen. Investing in an exhaust vent will make your kitchen easier to clean.

Most Popular kitchen extractors Brands


Besides offering a wide selection of products, Broan hoods are also known to have very powerful and reliable fans. Broan range hoods start from mid-priced options to more expensive varieties.


GE also has kitchen hoods in a wide variety of styles, configurations, features, and prices. They are known to be easy to install and use. Besides that, GE hoods also offer a selection of settings and features.


Its popularity is largely owing to the fact that its units come with a 3-year parts warranty as opposed to the 1-year warranty offered by most other brands. Besides that, KBC hoods are very powerful and come in a nice sleek, professional look that suits any commercial kitchen.


Whirlpool are particularly known for their under-cabinet and wall-mounted hoods configurations. The fact that they offer units that are low-to-medium priced has made this brand a household name. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn commissions by linking to the retailer sites. All trademarks and brands mentioned in are property of their respective owners.