best ceiling fans alternatives

Good air circulation in any room is simply priceless. Ceiling fans not only come in handy in keeping you cool when its warm but they also help in alleviating stuffiness in a room even in colder months of the year. Despite the numerous advantages though, even the highest quality ceiling fans may fall short when it comes to aspects such as:

  • The exposed rotating blades can be a hazard.
  • Ceiling fans cannot be installed in rooms with low ceilings.
  • They do not create a homogenous room temperature.
  •  They can be quite noisy.

Keeping these drawbacks in mind, what other air circulators could you turn to if, for one reason or the other you may not wish to install the traditional ceiling fan.

1. Bladeless Ceiling Fans

Are you avoiding ceiling fans because of the exposed blades which can be rather unsafe particularly for tall people? Or do you just hate ceiling fans because they create hot and cold spots in the room? If your reason is either of the above, or both, then you will be glad to discover the futuristic world of bladeless ceiling fans. Just as the name suggests, these fans have no blades. Instead, they employ a DC motor and a vortex mechanism to circulate air.

The major advantage of bladeless ceiling fans is that they promote homogenous air circulation thus eliminating the discomfort associated with having hot and cold spots within a room. Remember how traditional ceiling fans tend to be rather noisy especially when running at higher speeds? Another advantage of the bladeless ceiling fans is that unlike their predecessors, these fans are very quiet while running.

2. Tower Fans

If you are unable to install a ceiling fan because you have a low ceiling, then having a stand fan could be a suitable alternative. To begin with, these fans are conveniently compact thus allowing you to comfortably use them in tiny spaces without having to worry about the fan taking up too much room. Besides the compact nature though, tower fans are capable of providing impressive airflow.

Combine this with the oscillation feature, and you will find that these fans can provide effective cooling for everyone in the room. In the case of modern tower fans, you have the advantageous option of going for one with an ionizer meant for cleaning the air as it circulates it.

3. Misting Fans

Modern technology is all about increased user experience and comfort, and misting fans is a perfect example of just that. Let me start by saying these fans are the best for a room with dry air. In addition to improving air circulation, misting fans spray a fine mist which elevates humidity levels in a room. This way, the fan not only makes a room cooler but it also makes it generally more comfortable for the people within it.

4. Box Fans

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly fan that delivers amazing airflow, then I would advise you get the box fan. The downside of these fans is that they can be quite noisy especially when running at maximum speed. The upside is that besides impressive air movement, they are also very portable thus allowing you to easily move them from one room to another depending on your cooling needs as well as room occupancy.

Another advantage is that box fans can be placed on a window to draw in cool outdoor air on a windless day. Better yet, why not go for a box fan with a reversible airflow feature? This feature would allow you to use the fan to get rid of smoke and unpleasant odors in a room.

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